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OK. Someone pointed out to me that a lot of the stuff that i said below, was actually not entirely true. I admit it, and while everything i said regarding my faith is still...the same, the stuff i said to back it up was false. I didn't know, I'm sorry. You can still read it if you want, but just know what some stuff s inconsistent. I shouldn't have been trying to back up my faith that way.

On a casual note, i just wanted to give an update on i dunno, what I've been doing. Recently I've been drawing and reading a lot, which has been fun. I even have an art thread now, I'll post a link later. See ya.


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Well, i was just thinking about exactly what Christianity is.

Christianity is running full speed after Jesus, following him, because he loves you and you love him.

Its not religion. Religion is just bureaucracy; a set of stupid laws and rituals that the people doing them don't understand or enjoy. Religion doesn't bring you closer to anything. Men over the years have taken it and twisted it into a system for their own gain(Roman Catholic Church)

Religion is used to control people. Faith sets people free.

Think about it. Once Martin Luther actually read the BIBLE and stopped listening blindly to what the priests told him, and listened to what God told him; he was changed.
Honestly, i'm just gonna say the reason i think we're all here. Love. I sound nuts; but that's what the Bible is all about. It's just a giant love story that spans thousands of years; God wants you to love him back.

What i find so amazing is that the Bible contained truths even before science could prove them true.
The bible said that life is in the blood; science(doctrine of the four humors) said that you had to bleed people out to cure them. The bible said that you have to wash your hands under clean water; science at the time said that we had to wash our hands in still water. The bible said the earth is round; science thought it was flat.
Another thing that strikes me about the bible is that those that reject it are doing exactly what it said they would.


It breaks my heart that people reject it so much, because they have no idea what they're doing. I'm not talking about "You'll burn in hell!", or "REPENT!! EVIL SINNER!", ut that they utterly reject the one that took on what they deserved, conquered sin and death for them, and loves them no matter what they do, and just wants to know them. He has such a great desire for them, but they turn away in disgust.
Another thing is that God has such overwhelming endless pleasure waiting for you, but instead people go for the dull, temporary pleasures of the world.

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hey, you.

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yeah, you.

Oh, look at that. I'm __ posts away from 2,000!
FINALLY! It's the weekend. Time to sit on my butt watching LOST, drawing, animating, and photoshopping stuff. Oh yeah, and play guitar.

I really want Camp North to come back.

I need to do my math homework, work on my book report, and go get involved in a collab.
Or, i could just animate something myself.

Oh, and don't forget to check out my only flash submitted to this site. Trust me, it's not my best work. It's really just the only thing i wanted to submit.

If you have any thoughts at all about this post, PLEASE comment. I live off comments.
I'm gonna go post on BBS now. *pops a few tylenol*

I just made scambled eggs w/ cheese. They were orgasmic.
Hmm, these wheat thins are good.

Anyway, i have school off tomorrow. YAY!
I sense LOST-o-Thon.

Almost there! I have like, 1, 995 posts. Odd, that's my birthyear.

Well, i did it. No Confetti, nothing. Sigh.
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This asshole in my class was jerking off in class today.

I sit next to him.
So, we had to take standardized tests today, and about 20 minutes in to the math section, out of the corner of my eye, i see him scratch his leg. At least thats what i thought.
Turns out he was jerkin' off, right there. It was disgusting.

And, to make it worse, i could totally tell when he came.
Then, he asked to go to the bathroom.

What kind of sicko can't wait till they get home or can go to the bathroom to jack off?
It's not even like there was anything WORTH jacking off to in the class.

What's worse, is that he went to the bathroom after he was done, he couldn't even go to the bathroom to jack off.


That was close.

Before you read, you have to understand. I'm kinda a pyro. Aometimes i light stuff on fire just for fun. But i always have a ton of water on hand. It's still stupid and dangerous.

About 5 minutes ago, i poured some acetone in a cup and lit it up. It was fine at first, but then...a giant gale tipped the cup over, and now burning acetone in flung everywhere.

A small section of my patio was soaked, and burning.
I tried to stomp it out when my pants caught on fire. Then, i used a bottle of water dousing the flame and my pants. But, no, the patio kept burning. I wet a towel and tried to smother it, and it worked.
I'm still saying holy shit.

Yeah, yeah, i'm really stupid. But i kinda live off of adrenaline.